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Patients between 40 to 70 years of agepresenting with clinical signs and symptoms of SandhivatavizShulajoint painshothajoint-swellingstambhastiffnesssparsha asahyatatendernesssphutanacrepitusakunchana prasarana vedanapain during flexion and extension of the jointetc and patients without any anatomical deformity were included.

Sushruta has described the disease in Vatavyadhi chapter under the heading of Sandhigata vatawhile Charaka has described Sandhigata vata under the Vatavyadhi as Sandhigata Anila6The diseases produced by morbid vatadosha are more common in Jaravasthaold ageThe vitiated vata combines with other vitiated the renovator tool. dosharaktaamaetc and gets located in the joint to produce the diseaseBeing a disease related to madhyamarogamargaSandhigata vata is either Kastasadhya or AsadhyaOn the basis of symptomatology and nature of the diseaseSandhigata vata is much similar to OAwhich is the most common degenerative joint disease in older people.

3 Professor and HeadDepartment of Kayachikitsa and Roga Nidana getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin, getting high off robaxin. and Vikriti VijnanaSDM Research Centre for Ayurveda and Allied SciencesUdupiKarnatakaIndia.

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